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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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Wave of Darkness might sound like a symptom you’d describe to your high fantasy GP, but it’s actually an ambitious action-RPG. Though somewhat resembling Dungeon Siege 3 in its lovingly layered isometric environments, it sounds far more freeform than most of its genremates - allowing the player to wander in any direction if they’ve tired of disassembling a particular type of monster.

Wave of Darkness is coming out of Early Access today priced at $21.99/£15.99
“While most RPG titles offer a very limited area for you to explore, restricting it by invisible walls, or simply with various design solutions, Wave of Darkness enables you to wander everywhere, and whenever you wish to do so,” write developers Dreamatrix.

There’s about 70 hours worth of stuff scattered around the new land of Narr. In that time you’ll try your best to undo the corruption of dark magic, through the medium of monster murder.