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Mar 5, 2015
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#1 -- Free Crafting Broken -- in SOME situations and for SOME items it SOMETIMES works; but it's not consistent.
#2 -- Build 202a
#3 -- Steam PC - December 21st Update

Game updated December 21st; Free Crafting broke

Further Testing: Free Crafting Seems to work only under the following conditions (This doesn't apply to everything)
-- Turn on ALL CHEATS on Main Menu.
-- Load Game.
-- Equip Water Bottle.
-- Craft a any item you can move. Like a Storage Basket. (it will not be free)
-- Pick up and Move the Storage Basket; move it far away from your Garden (until you Garden is out of sight)
Open your crafting Menu and select all items you wish to be free.
-- Craft them and do the same with their upgrades.
-- If item doesn't play ball; Deconstruct it and try again.
-- If it still doesn't play ball, MOVE it and try again.
-- Deconstruct all items when finished and return to your garden.
-- You can disable some cheats after you've done this task.

Additional Notes:
-- You must always equip Water Bottle to trigger Free Craft
-- This doesn't immediately apply to everything

After this you can turn off some cheats
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