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Mar 14, 2017
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Warning: if you use trainers and no cd patches legally not illegally as of the windows 10 creators update you will no longer be able to. To postpone this installation disable windows update until there is a work around.

What does the update do that's different from the last update.

So far here is what we know.

. Microsofts new telemarketing programs built into the o.s send a copy of every .exe file on your machine to Microsoft servers if you block that connection using DWS (distroy windows spying) the o.s is told to
auto remove the file in question.

What happens if you leave it on.

. Microsoft reports your activities to the local police in your area to prosecute charges of piracy against you.

Can it be disabled.

. As of now now it cannot be disabled

what does this mean for trainers and no cd patches

. it means none will work in windows 8.1 and windows 10 with the latest security updates installed.

We need to update trainers so they are no longer deleted but this means that every time it recognizes a new trainer it will just block it again and remove it .

this really sucks all trainers have basically been made non functional which sucks.

(Currently i have confirmed that indeed the .exe files are being sent to microsoft from windows 10 machines to a external server. after the latest security updates my windows 8.1 machine started doing the same thing.)

this is really sad they had to do this to there users we use trainers to sometimes fix games that are unfair or broken due to cheap developers. now we cant fix or mod jack.

Games confirmed trainerless after update.

Shadow of Mordor (all trainers get deleted)

please post more if you run into any that are no longer working after the update please.


May 9, 2014
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That is the biggest bulls**t I've read. I guess... 'murica. lmao

How do you people come up with that bulls**t anyways? Did the police knock on your door and showed you the trainers and cracks you used or what?

// Oh and it's Defender not Windows itself. You can actually go into Defender and disable sending samples to MS of the detected false positives. Or just disable Defender completely, like a sane person.


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Aug 4, 2015
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Thanks @Breaksense
I was wondering what was causing the trainers to get deleted as soon as I started them up but disabling Defender has solved the problem. Windows, forever coming up with things to annoy their users. -_-

Suryo Sudiro

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Feb 27, 2016
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This is sucks. I play Grim Dawn and NBA2K14 with MrAntiFun trainer and then after update to Windows Creator Update, the trainer doesn't work anymore.