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Jul 3, 2015
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First, I'd like to thank MrAntiFun for this site and all the hard work he does. He should change his name to MrHellaFun, because his trainers have actually given life to old games I didn't play anymore and i've had an absolute "blast" with(xD).

Now. This little story just happened about 15 minutes ago.. and I found it hysterical.

I felt like smashing the absolute shit out of XCOM on Impossible. MrAntiFun is gonna help me do that.

I got to the point where I gained the Psionic Ability: Mind Control! Oh baby Xavier achievement here i come. I hadn't gotten it yet on Steam. Cool.

MrAntiFun's trainer is by far the best i've had a chance to use.. But in this case.. It jacked me up pretty good. I made the critical mistake of using Mind Control on an Ethereal. Once I ended my turn after killing all the little alien buddies he had, the mind control wore off. Cool. Now im gonna kill him. I must have thrown everything in the book at him. He was INVINCIBLE because of the trainer. When you activate mind control, it switches the AI NPC to a PC character. Meaning he got every single ounce of stats I had enabled on the trainer.

I sat there for 45 minutes, shooting this jerk. His health would NOT go down. Saved, exited, reloaded. STILL INVINCIBLE. Even when I turned off the trainer.

What to do? Ive killed 7 of these assholes before i've been able to capture him.

*LIGHTBULB* Cheat Engine

So. BAM BAM BAM I got to the point where I had 6 options left. SAVE********

Enabled one, set the value to 1.. CRASH.. and again. CRASH. Last one. BAM his health is stuck at 1. I tried to capture him. HAHA DUMBASS Disable Cheat Engine first. CRASH!

Reload, Redo everything, get him to 1 HP, disable CE. Capture, End Mission.

I don't know if anyone else will find this story funny, but my ribs literally hurt from laughing so ******* hard.

Thanks MrAntiFun once again for giving me something to do with old games I had. This was by far one of the more funny issues I've ever run into in my almost 30 years of gaming.


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Oct 24, 2015
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Hahah, yes.. brilliant story. I beat XCOM the other week, quite an addicting game.