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    Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Trainer

    Appreciate your work MrAF!
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    Outward Trainer

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    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

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    Hold Your Own Trainer

    Yes, same problem game crashes as soon as I enter the car other than that trainer options are working correctly.
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    Forebearers [Requests]

    Nice little game +1
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    Empyrion Galactic Survival Trainer

    Hi raxxior, if you launching game from your Steam library it automatically activates EAC which closes the game if detects trainer, so make a shortcut on your desktop from the folder where your game is installed there is 4 exe files choose 'Empyrion' and whoa la.
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    Hold Your Own Trainer

    Thank you MrAntiFun for keeping this game updated, this update was pretty big.
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    Scum Trainer

    That's sad mechs can still kill you.:confused:
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    Scum Trainer

    Thanks a lot, MrAntifun!
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    SCUM Trainer

    +1 Thanks in advance guys!
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    [REQ] Escape From Tarkov

    Yeah, isn't offline mode kind of pointless? I mean you don't get any XP or loot.