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    This War Of Mine Trainer

    we need a GOG version !
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    Crysis Trainer

    not even the version on wemod is working
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    Underrail Trainer

    pretty pls with a cherry on top !
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    Welcome From WeMod!

    So one of my replys was removed.So i`ll post it again.If you unninstall the wemodcrapapp from programms and features u`re not removing all of it.registrys and some other stuff remains.u need to use a software to clean that stuff out of ya hdd.
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    Welcome From WeMod!

    @JeremiahLong Brother , well said ! You`re 100% right about everything.I salute you ! Now , back to this bullsh*t !Maybe it wasn`t clear before, so i`ll make it simple ! 1.The fact that i have to install an extra ap is bulls*it ! 2.The fact that i have to be ONLINE to use a trainer is bullsh*t...
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    Wasteland 2 Trainer

    Hi there. I just want u know that the wemod trainer for this game refused to work.I`ve found this trainer re`uploaded on a different site and it worked.I also had issues with PoE1 trainer. Again, the wemod thing refused to work , the old version that i got here a while back worked. So what i`m...
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    Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt ( TRAINER REQUEST )

    +1 for the trainer !
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    Project Warlock! (REQUEST)

    Love this little game, but it makes BrutalDoom look like a walk in the park. So +1 from me too !
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    This War Of Mine Trainer

    yep , just checked, the trainer works 100% !!! i prob did smtg wrong the first time. So i repeat , the 4.00 trainer works 100% !!!
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    This War Of Mine Trainer

    new update / content ! Sensei , pls check it out !
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    The Long Dark Trainer

    so i found the 1.27 version of the game so i could use the trainer.i get into the game , move around , hit f1 and ...nothing.i get a windows sound and that`s that.i`ve used trainers from this site for years, never had issues until`s the right version...the right trainer and..nothing...HELP ?
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    Tyranny Trainer

    i have this version of the game V1.2.0.0079..the trainer sais the game is off..nothing works..any ideeas ?
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    Starbound Trainer

    would really like an update to this..pretty pls !
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    Planetbase Trainer

    would really appreciate a 1.2.2 trainer !
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    River City Ransom Underground Trainer

    confirm that stamina and money options are not working, an update would be epic !