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    Welcome From WeMod!

    I donated as regularly as I could and also had a monthly subscription on Patreon to help out MAF. I'd honestly take slower turn around times on new trainers and updates to get MAF back in the game, if it meant being rid of WeMod.
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    Welcome From WeMod!

    Exactly this. @MrAntiFun needs to get this community going again and slack WeMod off. He's the best and his trainers are the best by a mile to others. I am really gutted that WeMod killed this community. I donated via this site as often as I could and had a monthly patreon subscription. I...
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    Dragon Age Inquisition Trainer

    Logged in to replace this trainer and it's been replaced with the WeMod garbage. :(
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    MrAntifun does this means you no longer will make trainers like you did before, but all your future trainers will be part of WeMod app

    In the same boat as everyone else. I won't be using WeMod. I gave it a try and it's horrendous. I was happy donating to MAF when I could, even set up a subscription on patreon but yeah, it's a hard pass on this WeMod junk. Sadly going to have to find alternatives to MAF now and I've been a fan...
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    Removing old trainers

    Yeah, saw it coming too. :( Not a fan of WeMod at all. But I did pay MrAntiFun on Patreon and donate here too. Really sad to see this happen to MrAF. :( Can't really believe he would kill the site he's built up over so many years and sell out to this WeMod crap.
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    Two Point Hospital Trainer

    Thank you @MrAntiFun Money is working fine but Kudosh and staff stats aren't working. Could we get an update? :)
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    Subnautica Below Zero Trainer

    Thanks for this! :D
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    Executive Assault 2! (REQUEST)

    Oh lawd, I need this.
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    Kingdom Come Deliverance Trainer

    Is the trainer working ok now? Just wanted to know before I buy the game :D
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    Anno 2070 Trainer

    @MrAntiFun Can we get an update for this? Mine isn't crashing but F1, F2 and F3 don't do anything. It does crash on my laptop though. Can you get it working for us? :)
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    Plague Inc Evolved Trainer

    I need this too, please @MrAntiFun - Is there any chance you could update this trainer?
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    [REQ] The Guild 3 Trainer

    Definitely need a trainer for this in my life. :) Love you, MrAntiFun :)
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    Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Trainer

    v1.07 Everything works except infinite ship health. Any idea how I can get it to work? Thanks
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    [REQ] Empyrion - Galactic Survival Trainer

    Would really love a trainer for this game. It's epic and it's only in early release. :)