1. U

    astroneer windows store update

    astroneer is out of date for windows store
  2. SunStormer


    HI MAF There's a serious problem with the F1 trainer function of infinite health, once it's activated it locks all local production platforms into a infinite loop breaking any chance of getting resources or using the production modules any further. Further more deactivating the F1 infinite...
  3. SunStormer


    Steam version. Upon activating the 'Infinite oxygen' option on MAF's trainer, if you proceed to create something from your backpack, the construction process will get stuck in a endless construction cycle, never producing anything or ending the construction. This bug also effects the game in...
  4. Thorman


    Astroneer V0.6.0.0 Trainer +4 Steam i only tested the easy crafting and it doesn't work and I don't have time to check the others...
  5. J

    trainer request astroneer

    it would be cool to have a trainer for astroneer thats give infinite energie health and oxygen