1. I

    Bruh pls

    Trainer for universe at war earth assault PLSSS
  2. B

    dragon city request

    Can someone please make a trainer for this for like money, food, and gems. Its a old game but very recently added to the Windows store and I have played this since a kid and it would be cool if someone could figure out how to hack it. Thank you :)
  3. G

    [REQ] China: Mao's Legacy

    Soon this game will be released, would love to see a trainer :) STORE PAGE: -Infinite Money -Support from the Party -Support from the people -Agents networks -Relations with the USSR -Relations with the USA
  4. C

    gog compatibility

    some trainers work on steam / origin etc versions and not on gog witcher aside i support gog out of principle and before people start making fun of me - i don't have enough time to grind every time is there a chance for you to reach out to them and ask what to change for the trainers to work...
  5. ZotacFx

    Steam key giveaway !!!

    Comment asking for the key you want (One per person) Rules : Account must be more then Two days old to avoid people making a new account to get a second key. The First Templar - Steam Special Edition : Taken Shadowgate (2014) : Available Northmark: Hour of the Wolf : Available Fortix 2...
  6. Ragabonz

    the big list of recommended games!

    guys, i thought i would start collecting a list of games that you would recommended to other members to try out. i will need your help. please give a reason as to why you recommend this game and what category you would put it in and i will keep this list updated. Shooter games...
  7. 000sghosh

    Best 5 HD Games for Android

    HD games have some restrictions on the hardware, and if you want to play them you must have a really high-end device to be able to enjoy the games that rely on powerful processors. Asphalt 8: Airborne Real Racing 3 Mortal Kombat X Blood and Glory Need for Speed Most Wanted by Android HD Games