1. L

    [Req] AColony -Steam

    I wan´t to request cheats for a Steamgame called AColony where I'm in a dead end. Runs are going quite long and i don´t like to start over and over again. Steam-Page: Cheats: change the number of gold, change the attributes of an character...
  2. gianikamaru

    Trouble with launching the app?

    Hi guys hopefully you can help me. Ive downloaded the wemod app and when I try to launch it it says there was an error in the setup while installing the application check the log and contact the author? what does this mean? Thanks
  3. C

    Any Trainer

    Hey community! I can download trainers NP. When I extract the trainer from winrar I need to open it with a program. All my anti viruses are disabled and I've run the window defender .bat file aswell. Not sure If im doing anything wrong but help would be awesome! thank you!
  4. javla

    DiRT Rally trainer opens a webpage

    Whenever I launch the trainer, it opens up the webpage to this sites chat which i cant even use since I didnt pay for the privilege. Furthermore, everytime i launch this trainer the windows UAC prompt appears which is very stupid and annoying. Is there a way to fix this or is this just a really...
  5. hellnight01

    Wemod DOSNT WORK!

    YO! SO kay... this whole wemod new shit? sucks... every single wemod file ive downloaded wont set up, i down load the file it click it to open and run it and it brings up the wemod thing. but not even 0.5 seconds. and it says failed to download. no loading bar no errors not even a code. NOTHING...
  6. R

    Civ 6.. Trainer being blocked by virus Protection..

    I KNOW the file is NOT a virus but Windows 10 Windows Defender isn't giving me a work around option... anyone know how to make the file stop being scanned or a way to skip this defender crap and get my file in so i can enjoy Civ 6
  7. OIKOJ

    My antivirus won't let a trainer on my desktop.

    Like the title says it, my antivirus won't let a trainer on my desktop. My trainer is for this war of mine version 5.1.0. Can somebody help ?
  8. K

    how do i use the warhammer 2 cheat thing

    its not working when i set the money to 10,000
  9. rafael29

    I need help with Boxing School

    Hey guys i need help with the game Boxing School, If anyone knows of a trainer for this game please DM me.
  10. alfjay2001

    [REQ Update] monopoly plus 1.0.4

    can we update to the latest update I do not mind what you put in it just as long as you updated it because other sites have updated theirs but you have to pay $6.00 for the trainer and i think that's not fair all trainers should be free we since we do this for the community so please can anyone...
  11. R

    Is Someone a Designer?

    I wanted to make a Discord Server Logo but im not the best at it. The name is Diego 10 it Should be 128x128 Thanks!
  12. Hash Bringer

    Uhm, wtf?

    Hey, so I downloaded Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands trainer (23558833) and this thing appeared. What is this? P.S. photo in the link
  13. Yarez

    Tropico 5 trainer

    Eng: Hello, I have a problem with the tropico 5 trainer, I press the keys that appear and do nothing. My game is already called tropico5steam.exe Esp: Hola, tengo un problema con el entrenador tropico 5, presiono las teclas que aparecen y no hago nada. Mi juego ya se llama tropico5steam.exe
  14. Harkeyman OG

    Does anyone know how to inject a 32 bit file into a 64 bit game

    Yea I'm trying to inject my Hack i24615.dll file into my game but when I use extreme injector to inject it into the process it says "Platform mismatch detected. You are trying to inject a 32bit dll (i24615.dll) into a 64-bit process (realm.exe) which is not supported." , I'm using a 64-bit...
  15. P

    RE: Windows 10 Defender Issues [Solution]

    Recently people have been reporting that windows defender is flagging trainers as malware and removing them. In THIS post Mr. Antifun recommends disabling defender, but defender is really the best option for protection and disabling it has several risks and really should not be done. Instead I...
  16. AntiVillain_x

    I have a problem with almost every trainer on this website

    so thank you for caring and finding time to read this. Anyway so i have this problem with almost every trainer on this website so when i try to activate on of the moduels on the trainer(S) it will do nothing and a few seconds later the trainer will crash if there is a solution for this problem...
  17. Pedro Braga

    Problem with trainers

    Every trainer that I download and extract, creates an empty new folder, even if in the zipped file the trainer is there. I already deactivated anti virus and nothing changes, this was not happening before. If anyone can help I thank you from now on. Note: trainers that I had already used as The...
  18. kniblack

    Please Help

    I can not get any trainers to open, I last used one a month or so ago, now none of them work. They wont even open but it doesn't tell me why. I use windows 10. i have tried running the trainers as administrator, it acts like its gonna open but nothing ever happens, I thought it might be my...
  19. Riot706

    Trojans?! [CLOSED]

    I'm getting Trojans from these trainers. Several of them I couldn't even download the trainer without them appearing. Are these fake? Because I re-enabled my anti-virus after downloading and it wouldn't let me open the trainer.
  20. killergoonie

    Bitdefender 2018 help

    So I just noticed since I haven't downloaded any new trainers in awhile but when my Bitdefender updated from 2017 to 2018 it missed with some options and now all the trainers I download either get automatically deleted or instantly crash since, I'm assuming, that Bitdefender is closing them to...