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  1. sucemateub

    Operencia: The Stolen Sun Cheats asked : god mode insta cooldown of skills infinite items (such as wood for resting at campfire) thanks
  2. F

    Trainer Request: Super Life (RPG)

    Game name: Super Life (RPG) link to game: I love this game but it is very straining sometimes - especially the mazes in the den :confused: Cheats I would like: XP for next level INT for next level STR for next level skip time freeze...
  3. J

    Coin Crypt

    I'm honestly not quite sure if this one's doable. But here's the steam page for it. Cheats of interest: Infinite Coins, Infinite Health.
  4. R In need of a trainer for unlimited gold and JP.
  5. ShadowDracula

    [REQ] SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest (Standalone expansion)

    only for campaign/skirmish games against AI. Steam Store Link: SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest Price: 29,99€ (14,99€ if you own SpellForce 3) cheats: God Mode (Unlimited health, unlimited mana), unlimited resources, unlimited gold (for purchasing gear), fast kill, mega exp, unlimited skillpoints...
  6. GreenFox

    [REQ] A.I.M Clan Wars 2

    Link: Price: 2,99€ Features: Inf-Health Inf-Shield Inf-Crystals (money) Inf-Energy Inf-Ammo No Weapon Cooldown If possible The game is old and please if you have time make it Thanks if you are reading this
  7. selfsufficient

    YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

    YIIK: A Postmodern RPG Haven't played much but seems like it's a decent game Store link: Cheat Requests: Infinite Cash EXP / Cash Multipliers Infinite HP / PP All Items / Infinite Items Any of these would be great, please and...
  8. eduposse

    Sanctuary RPG: Black Edition

    I was wondering if you could make a trainer for this game something like getting more gold, refill hp, exp would be pretty nice because the RNG is messing me up so bad atm lol
  9. Mighty_observer

    Space Hulk Tactics

    Please make a space hulk tactics Trainer, Maybe... Unlimited Squad AP points. Unlimited Unit AP points. Unlimited Turns. Unlimited Ammo. Freeze enemy spawn? i dont need credits, I can do that myself through cheat engine. But since you're busy ill be happy with just Unlimited Unit AP.
  10. Guber

    Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

    Hi As you are gods among demi-gods, could you please see if it is possible to make a trainer for this game? Many seems to be asking for it all over the web, which is why I thought I would put a request up in here, where the best of the best are. I would love to just have a trainer with the...
  11. GrammarLord

    [REQ] Lost Sphear

    STEAM: Click here! Options: God Mode One Hit Kill Hero Damage Multiplier Infinite MP Infinite Vulcan Points Infinite Item Usage Infinite Money, Vulcan Points Thanks in advance! [Side note: There is already a thread about this, but I think my options are easier.]
  12. aabw

    [REQ] Battle Chasers : nightwar

    platform : steam - cheat : Infinite Health Infinite Mana Infinite Gold Infinite Shadow Coins Infinite Materials 2x / 4x / 6x XP gains please
  13. D

    [REQ] ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

    Title: ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game --------------------------- Store Link: Cheats: Item editor(quantity, giver), HP cheat, AP cheat, skill points, exp(level),feel free to add more :)...
  14. Jay Are

    [REQ] Hell Girls Inf. Health/Defense/Magic/Money/Souls, 1-hit kill/auto-win (no monster Health)
  15. Cath Mac-Tire

    REQ for Serpent in the Staglands

    This game is a pixelated RPG that feels like a mix of diablo 1, fallout 2, and Baldurs gate. from what i hear it is notorious for being difficult but has a good story. normally it is 20$ at the moment on GOG it is $6.66. heres the link, i hope you can make a trainer for it. if so i suggest god...
  16. D

    [REQUEST] Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak: Special Gigs Trainer

    Link : Price : $29.99 Feature : One Hit Kill Infinite Moves Free Crafting Disable Enemy Movement
  17. D

    [REQ] For The King

    • Link: For The King • Price: 14,99€ • Features: Infinite Money, Infinite HP and if possible unlimited movement.
  18. AmoniElsadai

    (REQ) A dragon girl looks up at the endless sky.

    I would like to request a trainer for this game because this game is so hard to grind and the item prices are so cruel. Preferred feature: 1.Unlimited HP 2.Unlimited MP 3. Max Money 4. Easy EXP Thanks for your attention mrantifun.
  19. aabw


    Platform : steam - Producr price : $14.99 features : Inf. health, money, etc... this game is perma-death :confused:, THANK U!
  20. GrammarLord

    [REQ] EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic

    Platform: Steam Product Price: 27,99€ Features: Inf. Health (for allies too), Inf. items, Mega XP, Inf. talent points, Inf. money ("daler"). Thanks in advance!