1. Y

    Stellaris v2.6.0

    I have a torrented Stellaris 2.6.0 game and the trainer when i try to enable the cheat wont let me turn them on, aside from a few cheats such as freeze day and so on. Others like infinite energycells and so on wont work, they just instantly turn off
  2. H

    Stellaris Update request from V2.2.1 to Stellaris Trainer V2.2.3

    Title: Stellaris Trainer Name: Stellaris Trainer Platform: Steam Version: Stellaris V2.2.1 Trainer +14 Features Not Working: Some options still work like infinite Energy, Minerals, food, influence, Unity, alloys and goods however, things like Fast Construction(only works on Capital planet and...
  3. Jakubin

    Stellaris v2.0.2

    Trainer Name: Stellaris V2.0.1 Trainer +16 Platform: Steam Version: Cherryh v.2.0.2 All trainer options are not working
  4. A

    [REQ] Stellaris (Update 1.3.1)

    • Platform: Steam - • Product Price: 29,99€ • Features: Fast Construction, the F10 button for fast construction in the 1.3 version of the trainer worked with version 1.3 of the game but it doesn't work anymore with version 1.3.1 of the game. Thank you
  5. jlars423

    [REQ]Stellaris Update for 1.5 and beyond

    Any chance of an update for Stellaris 1.25 and 1.3 when it comes out?
  6. C

    Stellaris 1.03 - cheats activate for the AI as well

    I noticed an empire I was at war with was getting new ship designs and new ships very fast. I saved my game, and fully exited. I did not start the trainer back up. I reloaded the save, and then opened up the in-game console and typed "play 01" (01 is the number of the AI empire in question)...
  7. M

    [REQ] Stellaris

    Hello Mr AntiFun, Plattform: Steam - Product price: 39,99€ - 49,99€ - 69,99€ Features: - unlimited (max) minerals - unlimited (max) energy - unlimited (max) influence - mega research (99999 society, physics, engineering) i know it isn't released yet...