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Jul 5, 2014
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I noticed an empire I was at war with was getting new ship designs and new ships very fast. I saved my game, and fully exited. I did not start the trainer back up. I reloaded the save, and then opened up the in-game console and typed "play 01" (01 is the number of the AI empire in question). They had so many techs. I moused over their resources and research icons at the top of the screen. The UI revealed they were maxed out ABOVE max resources and research maxed out at 99999.

The trainer affects the AI.

I should've noticed this before, because the infinite traits and ethics points also affect the AI if used during a current game session. The problem is, you can't use it and then save, because the game deletes the empire you just created if it has an invalid number of traits and ethics points than what the uncheated version allows. So the only way you can do this, is to just accept that the AI will also use it for the random empires created (including minor civilizations who haven't even gone into space, yet).
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