trainer request

  1. Manesto

    [request] Cities Skyline 2

    Hi everyone :) On WeMod the trainer available is the one from FLING but it seems that he stopped updating it (last update 18 of november) So, here i am asking if someone could do something about it ^^ A huge thank you in advance for all the work
  2. T

    [REQ] Mortal Kombat 1

    --------------------------- Title: Mortal Kombat 1 Platform: Steam Game Version: 1.00 i ques Store Link: Cheats: Godemode Unlimited Health Heal Player Refill Super Energy Max Super Energy Refill Kameo Max Kameo Easy Kill Enemies...
  3. matti089

    Hungry Shark World Trainer

    Title: Hungry Shark World --------------------------- Store Link: Cheats: - Infinite Money - Change xp amount earned - Increase speed - Infinite health ---------------------------
  4. Gorkarino

    Alder's Blood Definitive Edition (Trainer Request)

    Hello, I would like to request a trainer for this game. With cheats like: No damage Unlimited Actions/Stamina Infinite Supplies No Smell Invisibility all times Max Damage Game Speed Exp Multiplier Thank you!
  5. CelestialCorpse

    [REQ] Compound (VR)

    Title: Compound Platform: Steam Store page: Release date: Jul 19, 2022 Genre: VR, Action Roguelite, FPS, 1980s, Boomer Shooter Requested cheats: Infinite Health, Unlimited Ammo/No Reload, Movement Speed, Undetected Related images:
  6. FluffyMuffins19

    [Req] Ooblets

    Title: Ooblets --------------------------- Store Link: Cheats: • Unlimited stamina • Unlimited money • Unlimited wishes • Unlimited resources • Unlimited gummies Anything else you may want to add with it too!
  7. M

    Lord of the Rings: Conquest Trainer (2009) REQUEST

    Hey, Could you please make a small trainer for LOTR Conquest. Its a pretty old game by now and all the other ones make the most recent version of the game crash. Could you add Infinite health, unlimited lives, unlimited special powers for both heroes and players. Thats all. Thanks so much if...
  8. sucemateub

    Scott Pilgrim vs The World : The Game complete edition

    The game just released on Uplay . I tried it and it's awfully difficult ! Not to mention the clunky controls and the horrendous hitbox. Please do a trainer with the following : Godmode Infinite Money Fast XP Thanks.
  9. D

    Curse of the dead gods

    If it is at all possible I would love to see a trainer for the Steam Version of "Curse of the Dead Gods" they just updated the game in april to patch and there are no trainers out there that are currently working :)
  10. Guber

    Borderlands 3

    Dear god of trainer making Would you please update the trainer so that it has a working trainer for Steam? I thank you so much for the awesome work that you do, I will forever be a devoted devotee of Mr Antifun :)
  11. testowygracz10

    [REQ] Starlink: Battle for Atlas

    Title: Starlink: Battle for Atlas Store Link: Cheats: 1) inf. health 2) inf. electrum 3) inf. nova 4) inf. nitro
  12. Agracok12

    [REQ] Doraemon Story of seasons inf money freeze time
  13. M

    Risk of Rain 2 build 4164475 would be good to get a new version of the risk of rain 2 trainer just want to get the fast firing or fast cool downs back.
  14. harrys92

    Cricket 19

    Please can you make a trainer for cricket 19 Because the game is broken> The broken part is that you can not increase your career mode players fielding skills without a cheat or trainer. I would like this to happen because the only train available is the one from cheathappens and it is paid...
  15. Simply-The-Cat

    Dicey Dungeons Trainer

    Page: > Infinite Health > Infinite Limit Break > Infinite Money > Infinite Exp
  16. N

    Men of War Assault Squad 2 Cold War V1.000.0

    can you do Men of War Assault Squad 2 Cold War V1.000.0 link: Cheats Infinite Health Infinite Ammo Infinite Fuel Infinite CP Infinite MP i hope you like this!
  17. Mahmudul Hasan

    [REQ] Forged Of Blood

    [REQ] Forged OF Blood Steam link: Cheats: 1. Attribute points 2. God mode 3. Ap. There are 3 different points 1 for action 1 for movement and 1 for swaping and other stuffs. 4. Skill points, both weapon and general. 5. increase time...
  18. yigiy751

    Tech Corp (request)

    Request Trainer Options: - Infinite money - Infinite energy Game Store:> STEAM
  19. M

    Pro cycling manager 2019

    Please can you make a trainer for Pro cycling manager 2019 ?
  20. robsonjerome

    WWE 2K19

    Trainer Name: WWE 2k19 V07.10.2018 Trainer +7 Platform: Steam Version: 1.06 I believe is the latest Features Not Working: Tokens