1. FluffyMuffins19

    [REQ.] Gravewood High

    Title: Gravewood High Store Link: Cheats: Maybe cheats for teleportation and invisibility from being detected?
  2. S

    cobra kai : the karate kid the saga continues (pc windows) trainer

    I'm looking for a trainer of this game in pc windows version cobra kai : the karate kid the saga continues
  3. ALIREZA2020

    Super Street The Game

    Hello mrantifun
  4. AstartesFanboy

    Space Hulk Asencsion trainer mistaken for virus?

    Hey so, I tried to download the space hulk ascension trainer and it was repeatedly blocked as it contained malicious files. None of the other trainers had this problem. Is the ascension one actually a malicious file or does it just happen to be the only trainer so far to be mistaken for...
  5. H

    Quick Question. Nothing against you MR.ANTIFUN

    Why is it your trainers based off cheat engine now get flagged as viruses. Yet flings trainers based off cheat engine go through just fine? Okay guess I can't name names. sorry for that. Just wondering, Love ya, and all your trainers.
  6. delacroiix23

    [REQ] Full Metal Furies

    Title: Full Metal Furies Trainer Name: Full Metal Furies V1.00 Trainer +3 Platform: Steam. Version: v1.1.0-23R Features Not Working: Inf.Health and Fast Cooldown
  7. H

    A little please to change... (Background theme or font change)

    Hello Mr. Antifun, i like your Trainers and that you very often do updates. i have one please... a problem that i cant change with your trainers... please, can you make a background color change of all your Trainers or next updated trainers? but no mans sky and the long dark please really...
  8. C

    gog compatibility

    some trainers work on steam / origin etc versions and not on gog witcher aside i support gog out of principle and before people start making fun of me - i don't have enough time to grind every time is there a chance for you to reach out to them and ask what to change for the trainers to work...
  9. F

    Battleplan American Civil War Trainer Request Steam game needs trainer with God Mode if it can be done
  10. D

    A Few Trainers Not working......

    Dungeon Rats. Portal Knights there's an new update to the game..<Nov.24/16> The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Shoot thought there was a few more, I'll add more when i encounter them Thanks MrAntiFun for your hard work
  11. aiden987654321

    Offline Only!!?

    Hi all! I've created this post to discuss why modders, who mod games for this website, refuse to make any online trainers. Is this due to the way cheat engine works, or is it for ethical reasons? I'm guessing it is more likely the latter as I have in the past used "offline only" trainers for...
  12. adam1205

    f1 dont work to me

    i just installed dragon age inquisition v1.11 and i also downloaded maf's trainer for v1.11 but the f1 button don't work and i can't set power perks , inquisition perks etc... and i already tried everything possible including turning off the antivirus i just don't know what to do please help me
  13. Stannek

    Need help

    Dont find any trainers for Tom Clancy's EndWar so ask yours help with this
  14. SiempreRara

    [REQ] Trainer For XCOM 2.

    When a trainer of XCOM 2 MrAntiFun?
  15. lagrie

    [REQ]Divinity original Sin enhanced edition trainer

    Hi, Not to rush Mrantifun, but... A trainer for D:OS EE would be awesome. Thx for reading and considering ! Software : Steam Features : all the features like in the D:OS normal version, inf health etc etc...