1. B

    [Update request] Bleach Brave Souls

    Please update bleach brave souls trainer for work on online quests again (guild/epicraids/coops)
  2. S

    Scum trailer update

    MrAntiFun Can you please update trainer for SCUM?
  3. S

    ISIS Defense Trainer

    Trainer no longer works and crashes. Game is now V:20160719_151654_rev.3588
  4. S

    Game Dev Tycoon

    Game Dev Tycoon steam 1.7.6/1.8.6 Everything doesn't Please update.
  5. D

    GTFO + WeMod Trainer

    Game: GTFO Trainer Name: GTFO WeMod Trainer Platform: Steam, WeMod Version: Last Update 1 Apr (Latest Build) Features Not Working: As of current the game has released it's latest update Rundown #04 which has changed some files I imagine. With this recent update the Trainer has become...
  6. TheBlackDahlia

    Please Update Mist Survival

    The new July 2020 0.4.0 has released. The only mod for the armor trainer that works is the infinite fuel mid. Please update.
  7. Guber

    Borderlands 3

    Dear god of trainer making Would you please update the trainer so that it has a working trainer for Steam? I thank you so much for the awesome work that you do, I will forever be a devoted devotee of Mr Antifun :)
  8. Jessi

    Synthetik: Legion Rising.

    Trainer Name: Synthetik V12.1 Trainer +2 Platform: Steam Version: 24.4. Features Not Working: Both cheats of Infinite HP and Infinite Ammo don't work. It would be nice to have set data points. Not unlimited but to freeze or set it to a certain number. Maybe a cheat to make it so you get...
  9. Jessi

    Underail update for 2019 expansion.

    Game: Underrail. Trainer name: Underrail V1.0.3.20 Trainer +5. Version: V1.0.3.20. Platform: Steam. Features not working: Sometimes the trainer will crash, but so far everything other than the infinite items cheat works or activates.
  10. Vainer

    Moonlighter Update

    Can update moonlighter actually in the version 1.9.18 and the trainer is in the 1.5.10 and cannot activate the cheat. Windows Store Version by the way. The trainer recognizes .exe of the game. Thanks :D.
  11. T

    [Update Request] Kingdom Come Deliverance

    https://mrantifun.net/index.php?threads/kingdom-come-deliverance-trainer.6204/ Game: Kingdom Come Deliverance Version: 1.9 Features not working: All, Trainer wont activate would be really nice !
  12. MilesUpshursv

    [Update Request] Rabi-Ribi ver1.99s

    Title: Rabi-Ribi Trainer Name: Rabi Ribi V1.991 Trainer +6 Platform: Steam Version: Version 1.99s Features Not Working: as of the latest update to the game, all the features from the trainer are no longer working
  13. Y

    Fallout 4 Trainer Update

    Title: Fallout 4 Trainer Name: Latest versin of trainer. Platform: Steam, probably other places too. Version: Latest (can't find the version number) Features Not Working: Editing settlements (holding V, for me) crashes the game.
  14. mistrz1103

    Thea 2 The Shattering

    Trainer Name: Thea 2 The Shattering V2.0115 Trainer +5 Platform: Steam Version: Build 0402 - 23rd March Features Not Working: Everything
  15. N

    Paint the town red + Death Road to Canada

    Title: Death road to Canada Trainer Name: Latest version Platform: Steam Version: 10/26/18 Features Not Working: Inf resources + inf ammo, godmode works fine Title: Paint the town red Trainer Name: Latest version Platform: Steam Version: Features Not Working: All
  16. G

    The Council Trainer Update

    The Council V05.24.2018 Trainer +1 needs an update! The trainer needs an option to set the number of skill points. When you upgrade all of the skills to the maximum it's impossible to progress anymore to the next arc. You have to spend the points that you gained and after that, you will be able...
  17. 1AmNobody

    No Man's Sky V 1.75

    Title: No Man's Sky Next Trainer Name: No Man's Sky V1.70 Trainer +18 Platform: Steam Version: For V 1.75 Features Not Working: Most of the Features are not working anymore, 3/18 worked ofr me in the version 1.75
  18. TrainerMan

    [Update Request] The Banner Saga

    Title: The Banner Saga Trainer Name: The Banner Saga V2.28.11 Trainer +2 Platform: GOG or Steam Version: 2.57.05 Features Not Working: Both Super Stats and Inf.Supplies not working PLEASE UPDATE @MrAntiFun
  19. Hulagu

    Veil of Crows Update

    Title: Veil of Crows Platform: Steam Old MAF Trainer: Veil of Crows V04.29.2017 MrAntifun Current Version of game: 1.0.2 29/10/2018 Features Not Working: Everything The developer of Veil of Crows has apparently completely changed many things and has significantly improved the game, there may...
  20. randomhustler

    Northgard Trainer Broken 1.4.10789

    Hi, could we have an update please? Thank you!