1. AstartesFanboy

    Space Hulk Asencsion trainer mistaken for virus?

    Hey so, I tried to download the space hulk ascension trainer and it was repeatedly blocked as it contained malicious files. None of the other trainers had this problem. Is the ascension one actually a malicious file or does it just happen to be the only trainer so far to be mistaken for...
  2. MrSkaizo

    Regarding Virus Definition Updated Recently As today (24/11/18) some companies in cyber security as well Microsoft...
  3. mintxlord


    Hey, I downloaded a No Man's Sky trainer and my antivirus said there was some sort of virus in the file? What's up with that? Have any of you experienced this sort of thing? Sorry for my english.
  4. P

    RE: Windows 10 Defender Issues [Solution]

    Recently people have been reporting that windows defender is flagging trainers as malware and removing them. In THIS post Mr. Antifun recommends disabling defender, but defender is really the best option for protection and disabling it has several risks and really should not be done. Instead I...
  5. S


    SO my AVS stated there was a virus in the trainer, i dismissed it then i went to email the trainer to a buddy and the email stated it had a virus and would not allow me to send it....what cause my AVS and my email to detect a virus?