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Jan 15, 2024
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I've noticed that I got warinings from Windows Defender about a Mawlware problem.
After looking in to the details in WinDef it was telling me it was caused by the FEAR 2 Trainer.
I've tryed to remove it but I wasnt to getting rid of it.
I've tryed to delet it with WinDef but it won't go away, so I've looked up in the web for some help, wound a Video about on how to get rid of Androit/Zkarlet and tryed to follow the steps in wich on is to reboot in save mode. So I did and followed the first instruction on how to delet some stuf from WinDef folders.
But the next step wasnt posible on how to locate the "problem" cause I finished FEAR 2 a couple of days ago so I also delet the trainer. So not knowing what to do next I just rebooted into Normal Mode and checked WinDef and was running quick scan but nothing was showing up anymore. But im not sure if it's just not telling me or if it's really gone.

Im sorry for my english, but Im not a native speaker.
I would like to know If it was a problem cause the massages about it in the WinDef startet to dublicaing and I got worried about it.