trainer problem

  1. Jackkie_17

    FEAR 2 Trainer causing "Android/Zkarlet" problem.

    Hi. I've noticed that I got warinings from Windows Defender about a Mawlware problem. After looking in to the details in WinDef it was telling me it was caused by the FEAR 2 Trainer. I've tryed to remove it but I wasnt to getting rid of it. I've tryed to delet it with WinDef but it won't go...
  2. C

    Any Trainer

    Hey community! I can download trainers NP. When I extract the trainer from winrar I need to open it with a program. All my anti viruses are disabled and I've run the window defender .bat file aswell. Not sure If im doing anything wrong but help would be awesome! thank you!
  3. B

    Cant open dishonored 2 trainer.

    Hey, I am having trouble with using the Dishonored 2 trainer. Can someone add me on discord, and I'll screenshare. And see if YOU can help? :) bits#9477
  4. Pedro Braga

    Problem with trainers

    Every trainer that I download and extract, creates an empty new folder, even if in the zipped file the trainer is there. I already deactivated anti virus and nothing changes, this was not happening before. If anyone can help I thank you from now on. Note: trainers that I had already used as The...
  5. Zimmer11dk

    Can't open trainer after update

    Before the new Windows Update, I played NBA 2K18 with the trainer and it worked. Then I updated Windows, and the trainer wouldn't even start up. None of my MrAntiFun trainers will start up, but trainers from other people than MrAF start up. Please HELP me fix this.
  6. Carton

    Kingdom: Classic

    Bonjour, Title: Kingdom: Classic Trainer Name: Kingdom V1.2.0 Trainer +3 Platform: Steam Version: Kingdom 1.2.0 (R290) Features Not Working: Inf.Gold . Make coin dropping non-stop. Even when cheat are OFF. If i relaunch my game whitout trainer, the coin will continue dropping. Thanks.
  7. S

    Trainer problem help

    Before I updated to the Fall Creator's update of Windows 10 x64, the trainers work. After updating, it doesn't now. Am I missing a program needed to run the trainer? Like those Microsoft Redistributable or NET Frameworks? I've already set the anti-virus to exclude my trainer folder.
  8. Riot706

    Viruses, Viruses, Everywhere!

    Just about every trainer I had was blocked and deleted by Windows Defender. so, I check the quarantine. What do I find? About 8 trojan.32 viruses!
  9. D

    Trainers won't start. Help please

    Hi. I used MrAntiFun trainers last time 2 weeks ago and now i wanted to play again and they won't start. I press run as administrator and nothing happens. I uninnstalled every security software i had and added to firewall and still nothing . It happens only for MrAntiFun trainers cuz others i...
  10. B

    Death Road to Canada Trainer Not Working

    Problem: The trainer can be opened, and it'll say the game is running, but whenever I hit the cheat buttons, I will just get the Windows 10 notification sound, and nothing will happen. Game Version: I'm not sure Original or Retail: I bought it off Steam Does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. DarknessWrath

    Trainers problem (everyone)

    Hello, i have a little problem, since few days i'm trying to dl few trainers , i could get brütal legend one and one from warhammer Dow2 R, and since, i want to take few mores, but when i launch it it's says that i do not have the permission or it's doesn't work properly, i tried to launch it...
  12. adsada

    Dragon Age Inquisition trainer wont activate

    Trainer wont activate (v1.10) Game version is 1.10 Retail copy I have tried using the 1.10 trainer for DA:I multiple times, trainer wont activate no matter what I do, I have verified my game's version and its matching the trainer's version. What am I doing wrong?
  13. L

    Just Cause 3 Trainer Not Working

    As of yesterday it was working, but then it slowly stopped working. My beacons are limited instead of unlimited, and I become detected even with undetected on. I bought Just Cause 3 from steam. The current content BuildID is 1156096. This is also the update that added mechs. It also says that...
  14. M

    Youtuber's life and all trainers error

    I can't open the trainers , it doesn't appear any mistake only not open without more , I have seen in the task manager that the process appears but soon disappears, and no , I do not have any antivirus activated. Can someone help me with this problem? (sorry for my bad english)
  15. Kebinhyung

    Windows 10 // Trainers dont work

    Hey guys, I hope you can help me out. Every trainer that I had since win8.1 doesnt work anymore ever since I've upgraded to win10. These trainers would include Borderlands 2 xcom xcom:ew risk of rain ac unity just cause 2 Whenever I press f1 to activate, it gives me the error sound and does...
  16. B

    Fable 3 Trainer not working with fable 3 v1.1.1.3

    Every time I try to activate a cheat it makes the error sound fable 3 v1.1.1.3