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Mar 18, 2018
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I already mentioned this before , Making trainers isn't difficult for most games but it is very time consuming ,I mean imagine opening your steam and seeing 35 games updating and at least 20 of them need trainers updates ,This doesn't happen every day but still it happens ,With more trainers you create there is more work to be done on daily basis to keep them updated .

When i was getting started i was creating 4-5 new trainers a day and 2 updates , Now i have to do 10 updates and 1-2 new trainers .

The main thing that is cutting time for me with WeMod is the tools , Almost everything even thread creation is automated , I only have to write down the cheat codes then press a button and its done , Previously i have to create cheats then code them in c++ then create a thread and post it .

The c++ part is usually most of the work taking 30mins per trainers and some larger trainers with +20 cheats it would require over 2 hours of coding and testing to make sure everything is working fine , So imagine having to spend at least 30mins less on every trainers ,Not only does it make my mood better and stretch my day , It also encourages me to put more cheats in each trainer .

Take it easy and give us a chance ;)

Though I'm lag, still need to say.

Well saying. Great work. And so many thanks.