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RE: Windows 10 Defender Issues [Solution]


New Member
Dec 28, 2015
Recently people have been reporting that windows defender is flagging trainers as malware and removing them. In THIS post Mr. Antifun recommends disabling defender, but defender is really the best option for protection and disabling it has several risks and really should not be done. Instead I recommend creating an exclusion. In windows defender settings you can exclude a file or folder from being controlled by defender, so what I have done and would recommend others do as well is to create a folder for all your trainers and add said folder to your exclusion list, then whenever you download a trainer just move/extract it to that folder and use as normal without having to completely disable defender. Though you should note that if you do get an infected item in this folder, it will NOT be detected or stopped, so use at your own risk.

A guide for creating an exclusion can be found HERE.

Happy Hunting!

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Jun 27, 2014
For whatever reason, exclusions added to Defender don't always work. I've had one for my Trainers Folder forever. Trainers download straight into there, then extracted and sorted, but even with an exclusion, Defender still deletes the .exe file.

Turning off Defender then turning it back on again later seems to be the only way it works for me.