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{REQ} Pathway Trainer


Jul 23, 2014
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Because the game changes the addresses so often (seems to change almost every time a new screen loads for me) it is unlikely that this will/can be done but if it is it will not be easy. However, most of these things you can do yourself by changing some of the games files from the config folder that can be found here :
Just remember to backup the game's config files and make sure the game is not open before you edit them. Here are a few of the things I have found can be done by editing the games files.

If you want to increase the gas, ammo, and/or cash you start with open Steam\steamapps\common\Pathway\config\balancing and edit resourceBalancing.json using your preferred text editor. Inside the file you will see that it tells you the ammo, gas, and cash you start with. Plus it shows the maximum your jeep can hold before/after upgrades and how much it costs to upgrade as well. Now, keep in mind if you give yourself more gas/ammo to start with than your vehicle can carry it will lower it automatically when you start doing things in the game (meaning you would lose all that gear/gas). So if you are going to cheat in more gas/ammo then the jeep can carry I suggest you change how much it can carry before and after the upgrades to prevent item loss. I set mine up so that I start with 5000 cash but 99999 of everything else and I changed the start capacity along with max capacity all to 99999 as well (so I start with that and never lose it). That way I do not have to worry about running out of resources or using cheat engine at all but you might need to finish your current adventure or restart it for this to work if you loaded a save game.

In Steam\steamapps\common\Pathway\config\units you can edit the characters.json file and give every one of the characters crazy stats. I just changed the health, endurance, and evade of every character to basically give my characters god mode. They have other stats in there like action points and move points as well but they can not give you inf move/action points (tried it). However I was able to throw 2 grenades on my toon per turn after changing those to a higher number so perhaps it did that (dono foor sure since did not try doing that before). That being said I am able to use 2 move actions per turn after editing those but I will be unable to do any other actions afterward till I end my turn (so you give up your attack action for a move action).

I have found that in pathway\config\misc there is a file labeled achievements.json and inside that seems to be the list of characters that are unlocked through the achievements. I have edited it so every character in there that unlocks that way will unlock after I kill 1 Nazi. The way it seems to work is under every character it shows type to show how that character is unlocked then under that is shows the amount to show how many of the type are needed to complete for the unlock to trigger. So for example

"id": "unlockBrunhilda",
"description": "unlockBrunhilda_desc",
"title": "unlockBrunhilda_title",
"icon": "achievement_brunhilda",
"coveredIcon": "gold-coin",
"type": "CharacterUnlocks",
"conditions": [
"type": "BleedKills",
"amount": 5

To make that unlock easy I changed the thing required to unlock it from "type": "BleedKills", into "type": "NaziKills",. Then I changed the amount just below that to 1 to set the number of kills needed to 1 so it looks like

"type": "NaziKills",
"amount": 1

Just found out that intelligence stat gives more exp and can be edited using the same method I mentioned earlier to edit evade and other defensive skills (giving your characters god mode). I gain 1 level every fight for everyone in my party now so xp hack is done.

You can give yourself infinite items using cheat engine by searching the current number of an item in any slot of your stash, moving the item out of that spot leaving it empty, search for 0 (since the slot is empty there are 0 items in it). move an item into that slot, search for the number of items in that slot, and you get the idea. That is how I got 999999999 grenades and gave them to my grenadier.

Just finished editing the characters.json file again to change the items they start with so that they all start with the best legendary items in the game. I also gave them all slightly higher agility so they can move farther each turn. The changes to the items require you to make a new profile/game and start over but the agility and most other stat hacks should work on your saved games.

All the editing stuff except 1 I figured out myself and had posted to a different site. This was mostly a copy/paste post to share everything from there with all of you but I may forget to update this post if I find anything new. So the place I originally posted it all and will be posting updates is
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